turismo cultural

The Shopping Map is a shopping and cultural tourism guide specializing in Colombian art, design and fashion, which aims to promote and encourage the consumption of Colombian-made products through cultural tourism. Our services are: A digital tourism and shopping guide (www.theshoppingmap.co) in which you can find information about artists, designers, galleries, brands and stores in any city of COLOMBIA. Additionally, we provide cultural tours with a specialized guide, highlighting 10 places in the city of Medellín and near, that feature these categories ( https://theshoppingmap.co/book-now/ )

For questions or comments, write to info@theshoppingmap.co



Valentina Orrego, Co-founder and General Director

I am an active, curious and creative leader who is also crazy about order. My approach to the projects I develop comes always from an open attitude towards the people and topics I work with. I have great interest in art, design and fashion, as well in photography and learning from other cultures. I like having challenges and exchanging knowledge with others. I Studied graphic design and fashion photography and worked for several years in different areas of design, fashion production and photography. Currently, I alternate the direction of The Shopping Map with teaching which is a profession I love. I am sociable although a little shy. I enjoy reading, taking care of plants, doing yoga, taking pictures or just walking and observing people in the streets.



Miguel Ángel Velásquez, Co-Founder and Creative director

Visual artist and fashion photographer. I have been living in Medellin since 2013, I am a curious person who likes the simple pleasures of life. I studied Visual Arts and specialized in photography, then I studied fashion photography in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I like gastronomy, cinema, art, books, good music and videogames.



Isabelle Hedoux, Production director

Mom of 3 teenagers, I am used to the logistics of an energetic troop. I am very sociable, I love being surrounded by friends, meeting new people and new places. I have studied fashion marketing and image consulting. As an image consultant, I am passionate about fashion, lifestyle, art and design, but also about gastronomy.

I have a great addiction for Pilates and practice 3 to 4 times a week.