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The art of growing roses

Boutique Don Eloy contains creativity and design, for this reason there are concentrated products and services novel and of occasion with the benefit of the customization. A space to reflect our experience in the art of growing roses.
The harmony that reigns in the internal environment contrasts with the demanding male discretion that finds confidentiality and advice to impact. Where the specialty are the roses that according to the occasion intermingle with harmony, romanticism and sophistication according to the feelings to transmit.

Created by Miguel de Germán – Ribón in the center of Bogotá in 1959, ROSAS DON ELOY, a luxury florist specializing in ROSAS, has managed to position itself in the Colombian market as a symbol of good taste and sophistication.
ROSA has the gift of being created with a multitude of shapes and a rich range of colors and aromas. This natural privilege has allowed us to present to the public/our clientele an extensive combination of products (vases, boxes, bouquets, trunks, baskets) where harmony, romanticism and innovation are intermingled.


  • Boxes of Roses
  • Floral arrangements in vases, trunks, baskets
  • Bouquets
  • Workshops of Flowers
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  • Address Boutique: Carrera 37 #8a - 51, Primavera Street, El Poblado
    Store: Carrera 25 #12 sur - 15, Complex Los Balsos Mall, Store 116, El Poblado