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De Trival

The perfect complement Handmade hats with lots of love. We have different styles for those risky and authentic people who…

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La Gracia

Sun lovers We are a Colombian casual/resort clothing brand that seeks to portray the enjoyment of existence, our inspiration takes…

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The perfect balance Our purpose is to be the perfect balance between comfort and style for every day. We have…

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Fue maravilloso

“Fue maravilloso trabajar con Valentina. Es agradable y respondió abiertamente a todas mis preguntas, que van desde el diseño hasta las curiosidades más amplias sobre la cultura colombiana. También me mostró algunas tiendas que no encontré en Google y que regresé rápidamente después del recorrido. En general, fue una buena manera de pasar la

“Valentina was wonderful to work with. She is personable and openly answered all my questions, ranging from design to broader curiosities about Colombian culture. He also showed me some stores that I didn’t find on Google and quickly returned to after the tour. Overall, it was a good way to spend the

June 2022

- Mary

Una gran experiencia

“Fue una gran experiencia. Valentina nos llevó a visitar tiendas que nunca hubiéramos encontrado por nuestra cuenta. ¡Algunos de ellos están escondidos! Todo se hizo en Colombia, que también puede ser difícil de entender por nuestra cuenta. Valentina está bien informada y es amable. Respondió a las preguntas y nos llevó a lugares adicionales cuando preguntamos por ellas.”

“It was a great experience. Valentina took us to visit stores that we would never have found on our own. Some of them are hidden! Everything was made in Colombia, which can also be difficult to understand on our own. Valentina is knowledgeable and is Friendly. Answered questions and took us to additional places when we asked about them.”

February 2023

- Noah


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After an interesting and fun journey of two years, nine issues of our magazine we arrive to No. 10, next to creators and entrepreneurs, falling in love with their stories, awakening the curiosity of our readers and inviting them to…

“El pintor de la patria”

“El pintor de la patria” By Valentina Orrego T. Main editorial for de N°6 issuu made by our team. PH: Miguel Ángel Velásquez @miguelavl Producer: Valentina Orrego @val_______ Stylist: Jose Zapata @_josezapata_ @mister.thelifestyle Asistant: Juan Pablo Sarmiento @juansarmiento.xo MUA and…


Gloutonnerie: A brilliant everyday life Editorial in collaboration with the artist Paola Alonso The days pass, the hours, the minutes and in the comings and goings, the everyday environment is converted into a landscape that pays no attention to the…

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