·Arte, Diseño & Moda Colombiana·

Passion for design and nature

The world of nature offers different and wonderful options to harmonize the body, mind and our environment and improve the environment through aromatherapy.Boticario is a family project that has just emerged in Medellín with the idea of ​​uniting the passion for design and nature, since we are believers in the power that each element contains.

Small and large compote container candles: each of our candles is produced with paraffin, wick and natural essences of different plants (pine, eucalyptus, cinnamon, vanilla, sage, lemongrass, sunflower, sandalwood, chamomile, incense, jasmine, lavender, roses, mint).


  • Fruit Candles in glass containers: With the same production process we make larger size candles with fruity aromas to have tropical environments.
  • Sea salt candles: With the same production process, but with a mixture of aromatic herbs, essences and sea salt with environmental purifying effects.
  • Candles with intention: blends of aromas according to your intention.
  • Exfoliating sea salts: sea salt scrub with natural herbs, it is ideal for cleaning impurities on the skin, revitalizing due to its high content of minerals, revitalizing and softening the skin. It is a mixture of aromatic herbs and sea salt crystals to obtain all the properties of the sea and plants in the bath.


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