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Ellipse Lingerie

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Pure inspiration

We are a women’s underwear brand founded in 1985. We create memorable experiences through underwear so that women discover their magic and enjoy their beauty. Our strokes reflect love, care and attention to small details; transforming each design into a garment that offers a perfect balance between design, technology and comfort.

Women are our purest inspiration. We work every day so that women feel safe and inspired at every stage of their lives and discover new facets in them. The magic of our garments is found in the balance between the delicacy of lace and the subtlety of transparencies.


  • Women’s underwear
  • Pajamas
  • Accessories for brides
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  • Dirección Stores:
    · Medellín: Parque comercial El Tesoro, Local 1403, El Poblado.
    · Bogotá: Centro Comercial El Retiro, Local 2-180 - Centro Comercial Andino, Local 2-05 - Centro Comercial Gran Estación, Local 2-79.
    · Barranquilla: Centro Comercial Buenavista 1, Local 140.
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