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Cultural framework in magical pieces

Our brand was born from the search in the craft market, to generate contemporary design proposals, around traditional products such as backpacks. Each of our products is handcrafted by both women and men from different indigenous cultures in Colombia. They are the Kamëntsa of Sibundoy Putumayo, Embera-Chami located in Risaralda and Caldas and the Wayuu of La Guajira. The identity of the brand has been forged, as a unique mixture of ancestral knowledge and stories from each of the cultures, which are part of this great dream and which are embodied in the fabrics they make.

This results in a product that aims to enhance the work of indigenous communities in Colombia, their ancestral knowledge in crafts, through the transformation of their fabrics into unique and exclusive pieces. We believe that the modern world is rediscovering artisan traditions in a unique and versatile way, allowing us to increasingly value manual processes, quality and the recognition of traditional techniques. We are proud to work with families of artisans from various regions of Colombia and to be able to contribute to the conservation, dissemination and exaltation of the beautiful traditions that these peoples have practiced for centuries.

This cultural framework has meant a result, which is reflected in pieces full of magic, spirituality and symbolism, which manage to materialize the knowledge, emotions and feelings of each one, in a unique product that seeks to rescue the origins and honor what we are. For us, dreams are the seeds of change, nothing grows without a seed and nothing changes without a dream; That is why we invite you to be part of this sowing of dreams.


  • Handmade backpacks and bags, made in mustacilla and thread fabric.
  • Precio Desde $250,000
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