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Aesthetic experiences

Lastra is a minimalist and artisanal jewelry project that was born in 2017 when two architect friends with technical knowledge in the jewelry trade decided to join together and start a company around what we are most passionate about, creating.

Always concerned about design and the prompt materialization of our ideas, we have sought to make formally simple and versatile pieces, concentrating on the formal value of the objects and leaving aside ideological or gender aspects, allowing those who carry them with them to express themselves and create bonds and aesthetic experiences regardless of their own condition.

Using the knowledge in composition and formal creation given by our professional career, we achieve our own image from the study of the basic forms of Euclidean geometry, such as the point, the line, the circle, and so on, or complex forms that range from the body to geography.


  • Rings
  • Earrings
  • Nose rings
  • Earcuffs
  • Bracelets
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