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Majo Herencia

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Artisan Luxury: modern and contemporary

We are a Colombian artisan luxury brand called Majo Herencia, which fuses the ancestral and traditional of the Wayuu indigenous people with the modern and contemporary, thus creating unique accessories that have the best of both worlds: the world that contains our ancestors and the world that envisions a future full of cutting-edge, working with a triple impact model that is social, environmental and economic to contribute both to the economy and to the immediate and immediate environment of the country.

The founder and creative director of Majo Herencia is a woman, an architect by profession, who madly loves what she does, who believes in human entrepreneurship, which highlights Colombian culture and in turn leaves a grain of sand in society to build a better country from the sustainable in social and environmental aspects


  • Backpacks
  • Handmade candle with recycled material
  • Perfume of fabrics and environments.

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