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Exclusivity in each bottle

We are a brand that celebrates people and their craft. All our products are handmade, with them we seek to create authenticity, exclusivity and stay at the forefront. We value our consumers and that is why we take care of every detail, filling each bottle one by one; With this we want you to be able to find a fragrance in our LAB that makes you feel like that, unique.

We believe in the power of smell, we know that memories are connected through our senses, what we smell, what we see and what makes us happy. Likewise, we reaffirm our commitment to the planet, the packaging we use for our product is 100% recyclable, biodegradable and is made of materials that do not harm the environment, our bottles are also reusable thanks to their refillability.

Our raw material comes from Grasse, a town located on the French Riviera, in the mountains north of Cannes, a place known for being the world capital of perfumery. Then, we assemble and create our final product in Colombia, which is made by Colombian hands that take care of every detail. They fill each bottle with “pure love”.


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