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RELIGARE, A form of aesthetic and ethical expression where knowledge is united

And in this process of meetings, look for ways to make an industry sustainable. We will transform fashion, when we change the connection with the origin. With oneself.

I am a free soul and I connect deeply with nature, I like to be surrounded by it and contemplate it. I appreciate the rhythms of it where everything has a cycle and an indicated time RECYCLE

I am aware, I am Religare.

We are free to choose, free to act, free to do what we want to do.

I think the universe works in mysterious ways. It motivates me to explore, travel, capture, fly, REINSTATED.

To value the simple, the timeless.

I want to be RESPECTFUL and as a consumer I want to buy products that match your.


I mean : Everything changes in the universe, nothing is permanent,

I am an apprentice and I want to contribute to a more coherent and simple industry

RE KNOWING US valuing the wealth that abounds and its resources.

“In DNA is the whole universe, is to reconnect with the natural rhythms of life, for this reason the proposal of “Religare is the slowfashion, conscious fashion and the possible use of natural fibers and sustainable processes with the environment.”


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