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Río Corales

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Ode to the variety of bodies

Río Corales is a dream embodied in multicolored scratches by Maria José Vargas (@lamarilustra) a graphic designer from the Pascual Barvo public university with a Diploma in illustration. The brand makes an ode to the variety of bodies with garments that allow you to flow comfortably, inspired by the living forms of nature that turn each ecosystem into a wonderful discovery. This is how FlordeCoral was born, the first capsule

The swimsuits are made with recycled polyester threads from PET plastic bottles, with a 50+ sun protection filter. You can buy them separately, that is, only the top, only the panty or the complete set, it is double-sided and you can combine a basic color with the FlorDeCoral capsule prints and the best thing is that they can be used as an outer garment. Literally whatever you want!


  • Swimwear
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